How can an old face be fixed?

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Problems with sagging skin, wrinkles and roughness It’s a sign that your old face. Taking care of your skin in the following ways may help keep your skin looking healthy, looking young, and not aging prematurely.

Protect your skin from sunlight. By wearing long-sleeved or long-legged clothing. And wear a hat when engaging in outdoor activities. Additionally, apply sunscreen daily to areas of skin that are not covered by clothing. UFABET Choose the type that has waterproof properties and has an SPF of 30 or more old face.

Apply nourishing cream to add moisture to the skin. Because if the skin is allowed to dry out, it may cause wrinkles more easily. Therefore, you should use facial creams that contain water to keep them moisturized. Reduce the feeling of stickiness on the skin. And there are ingredients that help retain moisture in the skin such as glycerin .

Use skin products that contain AHA  , Retinoid, and Vitamin C, which have the ability to help exfoliate old, dead skin cells. Stimulates the creation of new skin cells, reduces wrinkles, and restores skin damaged by sunlight.

Avoid smoking Limit the amount of alcohol or caffeinated beverages you drink.

Take care of your health by eating nutritious foods. Exercise regularly And relieve stress in appropriate ways. Such as listening to soothing music, meditating, or doing yoga, etc.