True or not? Do not rinse raw chicken under tap water.

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True or not? Do not rinse raw chicken under tap water.

Someone shared this one. And there are many people asking if it’s true. That said, when cooking chicken, do not wash the chicken because it will cause the spread of germs. Campylobacter can

Many people believe. Many people don’t believe it, chicken under tap water saying it’s nonsense. Report from ufabet

To summarize here first, it’s true. As for whether you want to follow it or not, try reading it first.

1. If you go and see foreigners cooking food in a hygienic way. all their meat When cooking, it is usually recommended to take it out of the freezer and cook it. Slice hard.

2. In the digestive tract of chickens Contains bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter which can cause diarrhea

3. When buying meat There is a chance that germs can be attached to the meat. from germs that are in that animal

4. They don’t wash it because of the process in which the meat reaches the consumer. Should not be contaminated with germs from the environment… If there is germs, it must be germs from meat only.

5. If germs become contaminated from the seller’s hands. The seller took it and dropped it on the floor. The panels are not clean. Washing it didn’t help much. Because the germs are also in the meat… which when put into a boiling pot, it dies anyway.

6. If we wash it because it has something stain.

such as seeing grass clippings or dead flies stuck to it. If you see cockroach legs…you shouldn’t eat them in the first place…(and washing doesn’t remove much of the germs anyway)

7. Washing meat … definitely splashes … Anyone who has washed vegetables soaked in potassium permanganate knows that a drop of oil can go a long way … but now when washing chicken, wash the meat. We cannot see color, so we understand that there is nothing.

8. If water splashes, we don’t wipe it. When we finished wiping the sink, he put his hand over and touched the glass and spoon. It can continue to be infected.

9. Campylobacter in Thailand may not be as much of a problem in adults as in Western countries. Because we eat a lot of cooked food But if anyone eats fresh vegetables and goes to wash the vegetables in that sink. You can risk it too.

10. Cross contamination It is the spread of infection that can be found very often in Thailand. Events that have happened many times People chicken under tap water eat well-cook food. But many people have diarrhea at the same time because of cross contamination like this.