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Safety of consuming squid.

Although squid contains beneficial nutritional substances and may have a beneficial effect on health in some ways. But at present there is no clear recommended amount for eating. Consumers should always eat fresh, clean, and cooked squid in the right amount. To avoid side effects that are harmful to

Is it true that being exposed to the rain makes you catch a cold?

In the rainy season, epidemics often occur. The most popular disease is the common cold. Not counting other diseases that will occur such as malaria, dengue fever, RSV in children, hand, foot and mouth, leaky stomach, diarrhea. But being in the rain makes you feel

Sugar the sweetness that is essential to the body?

Although sugar is essential to the body. Because it helps to provide good energy in both emergency situations. And to store energy reserves for use in times of need. But not all sugars are healthy. fructose derived from fruit and lactose found in fresh milk can also choose to eat safely under limited quantity control.

10 benefits of garlic that we want you to eat every day

Garlic pork, garlic chicken, stir-fried basil, stir-fried vegetables, chili paste, and many other Thai foods that have ” garlic ” as an ingredient. And it’s not just Thai food. Foods all over the world also use garlics as an ingredient, ufabet although when eaten fresh it has a

How can an old face be fixed?

Problems with sagging skin, wrinkles and roughness It’s a sign that your old face. Taking care of your skin in the following ways may help keep your skin looking healthy, looking young, and not aging prematurely. Protect your skin from sunlight. By wearing long-sleeved or

How does melasma occur?

Melasma are caused by skin cells producing more pigment or melanin than normal, causing blemishes to appear. Originally the process Pigmentation is created from melanocyte skin cells body. In this type of cell will have many substances as components. One of them is the enzyme tyrosinase.

Underarm problems with how to care for your armpits.

The following health problems This is an example of symptoms that may occur on the skin in the armpits area. Which can take care of and prevent the occurrence of various symptoms as follows: It is a condition in which the body sweats excessively through

Coconut water and menstruation

Coconut water and menstruation on average A woman will ovulate about 450 times in her lifetime. More than 80 percent of women are reported to experience mild discomfort during their periods. And there are some symptoms that appear before and/or during menstruation, such as swelling, breast pain, fatigue,

Antihistamines. Eat and feel sleepy?

Antihistamines. Eat and feel sleepy? In fact Antihistamines can divide into two large groups. That are drowsy after taking (1st generation antihistamine drug) with a non-drowsy. Many people are prescrib. When they have a cold, stuffy nose, runny nose, and may receive different. The doctor may ask us

True or not? Do not rinse raw chicken under tap water.

True or not? Do not rinse raw chicken under tap water. Someone shared this one. And there are many people asking if it’s true. That said, when cooking chicken, do not wash the chicken because it will cause the spread of germs. Campylobacter can Many people believe. Many people