‘Kane’ reveals he has found a house in Germany.

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Harry Kane, England striker It has been revealed that he has now found a home in Germany since joining Bayern Munich last summer. 

Kane is living in a hotel in Munich and has been keeping tabs on him. A house that has always responded to his and his family’s lifestyle in the past. He admits that life in Munich is not smooth and there are many things to deal with. 

“It is difficult. It was the first team transfer of my career. And I don’t know what will happen. Not only with new teams But with personal matters, the same goes for my family because I have four children.” 

“Thankfully I can find a house now. We intend to move there after the winter break. The only problem is If I stop scoring when they move on I’ll probably have to send them back!” “The hardest thing is that you have to do everything. Work permit, find a house, find a school for the children. I try to do everything I can but I have a lot of good people and family around me.” สมัคร ufabet

“ Overall, I’m enjoying the new experience. Playing in a new stadium with a different crowd makes me very excited.” Kane will move into the Villa formerly owned by Luca Hernandez and his family. Bayern hopes Kane’s settlement will allow him to focus on the game and continue his excellent scoring form.