Xavi Hernandez is looking forward to the restart of the season.

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Azul Grana coach Xavi Hernandez holds a press conference ahead of Saturday’s Catalunya derby against Espanyol. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has revealed ahead of Saturday’s Catalan derby against Espanyol. That he is excited and looking forward to. It’s looking forward to returning to action after about six weeks off the switch during the World Cup. According to a report from Derio Sport on Friday. 

‘It’s a derby. We are motivated after a month and a half without playing, we are excited, we are looking forward to it, we are back in a race where we are still leading,’ Xavi told a news conference.

‘We have the whole team ready, we have Ronald [Arahaujo], now the problem is with the coach. It’s up to me to manage. We are meeting a well-prepared team. UFABET It’s a complicated game.’

The Barca trainer also spoke about Jules Gunde and Ousmane Dembele, two French national team players. ‘They’re all on the list, Gunde and Dembele, we’ll look at the workload and manage playing time.’

Xavi also spoke about the future of captain Sergio Busquets, whose contract expires in the summer of 2023: ‘He has a contract until June. Then we will see each other. It was more of a personal feeling for him. How does he see himself in the team? For me, he is fundamental. It will depend on him more than the club and me. But we will try to convince him.’

Then, the Azul Grana team coach also spoke about the player market in January. ‘It’s going to be a quiet market. I’m happy with the people here. and we will compete with them I’m delighted with the team we have. We only had to lose Pique, I like that nobody left. And I’m happy for these players.’

Before adding Dembele added:

‘He’s fine, he’s happy, I see him very happy. It seemed to fail to reach the finals as a real starter. In other sports he would win a silver medal. I think he is at a high level both in the World Cup and with us. He will continue to be a key player.’

When asked how the World Cup will affect the season, Xavi replied: ‘It will affect the season. But hopefully it will be better. We give 7, 10 days to turn off the switch. We almost got everyone back and competing for everything.’

Xavi also said of Araujo’s physical condition, ‘when he was there with the Uruguay national team. We have spoken and communicated with the coaches, in the end, the feelings of the players will decide. He told us he was fine. We have to slow him down a bit and we’re going to be careful. In principle he won’t start But he might have a few minutes to play.’

Continue talking about the fitness of Eric Garcia, who withdrew from training on Friday in the middle. ‘We feel a little sick. We will see if he can play tomorrow. But I don’t think his injury is serious. We’re still counting on him for tomorrow’s game.’