How To Decorate House So That It Doesn’t Look Dark?

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How To Decorate House So That It Doesn’t Look Dark?

The design of the house was put Causing blind corners of rooms or houses that the sunlight rarely shines on Today we would like to introduce everyone. you about “How to decorate the house to not look dark” with various techniques That should not be difficult to follow at โปรโมชั่น ufabet together.

Techniques to solve the problem of a dark room, not bright

● Decorate the room with soft colors. 

The most basic trick that can help brighten a dark room is to decorate the room in light colors. By choosing to paint the walls and ceiling with light colors such as white, light yellow, light blue, cream or beige because these colors will help. Gives an airy, airy atmosphere in the room, more comfortable to the eyes than dark tones. In addition, soft colors also help spread the light better. make the room look brighter than before and don’t forget to select

● Use sheer curtains. 

Of course opening the windows during the day. Makes the light shine into the room well But what followed was the heat that came along with the light. Try changing from the blackout curtains that make the room look uncomfortable. Become a white or light-colored light filtering curtain. It will help prevent heat and also filter the light to come in just the right way, not too bright.

● Decorate the room with a large mirror. 

Mirrors are one of the secrets to solving a dark room that many people may not have expected. Because mirrors help diffuse light in the room. Place it in the opposite direction from where light enters, such as a door or window. will help spread the light to illuminate the whole room and make the room look more spacious In addition, you should choose a mirror with an unusual design. Made from materials with light colors or glossy surfaces such as light wood like oak or acrylic will help decorate the room to be unique according to the desired style.

● Use light-colored or light-colored furniture with an airy look. If wanting to increase the storage space in the room But don’t want a large cupboard that makes the room dark. Try switching to open-air shelves attached to the wall, helping the room look open and airy by getting the desired storage space. In addition to helping to solve the dark room It also helps to have more room to decorate the room. By placing a few decorative items in the room such as vases, picture frames, woven baskets will help to add quite a bit of chic.

● Install additional lighting. Blind corners or dark corners of the house are inevitable. Especially a house that is not designed to have light access to all sides. If there are many dark corners It may make the overall picture of the house darker. The best way is to put the lights in the places where the light cannot reach. By choosing to be a wall light or a ceiling light, it will save space very well and solve the problem of dark corners very well.

Getting some sunlight is a good thing.

Sunlight can help supplement vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient obtained from certain foods. and exposure to sunlight. Which stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin If the body lacks vitamin D Bones can become so fragile. That they are prone to osteoporosis or rickets in children. In addition, the bright sunlight in the room will help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. very well

How are you doing with information about “How to decorate house to not look dark” that we have gathered to leave every together in the above I hope that it will help solve the problem of dark corners more or less.